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Believe it or not slugs can climb trees. This surprising fact I noticed in the Church garden the other day. The proof is clear to see in their silvery tracks on the bark and climbing high up into the branches. It seemed to take them all their time to get along the path, they surprised me that they were nimble climbers and a head for heights too. Quite why they were climbing the trees I am not sure, the green tasty leaves or to find a significant other. Who could believe they could do amazing things!


What Jesus had to say in the Gospel must have surprised, dumbstruck and amazed in a similar way to what these slugs are up to. That if the people’s faith was the size of a mustard seed they could do an impossible thing like tell a tree to be uprooted and planted in the sea. Slugs can do impossible things climbing trees is it possible that we can do impossible things too with faith?


Faith is a funny thing without it you couldn’t survive. You go to the tap in the morning and you believe water is going to come out. How astonishing a thing that is from this contraption, fresh water will come out. You go to the kettle and believe that you can boil up this water in a few seconds and it does happen. You lift the phone and believe you can talk to people in the other end of the world. You get in the a car and believe this square piece of metal will take you where you want to go. You go on a bus or a plane and believe the man knows how to drive it or pilot it. You go to the doctor and you believe he can make you well again.


We live by faith and belief. Belief and faith trusts that certain things can happen. We entrust ourselves to things and people all the time.


The Queen in Alice and Wonderland says rather haughtily to Alice – why I believe 5 impossible things before breakfast!!


But there are dangers here. You don’t have to believe everything – you could be the most foolish person if you believed everything – gullible, or we say in Scots “saft”. You don’t want to be the person who believes nothing either, you could turn out to be the greatest cynic, hard-hearted, suspicious.


The bottom-line is that If you didn’t believe then you wouldn’t go out the door in the morning


Jesus words are true. If you believe you can do great things. Who would have thought you could fly like a bird, some people believed it possible and built airplanes. Who would have thought we could swim to the bottom of the sea or cross the seas, people built ships and submarines to do just that. Who could have thought we could speak to someone in  another country, another continent, another planet, why have phone and signals that fly through the air. Who could have thought from your living room you could speak to the whole world through what we have come to know as  social media. 


If you believe, if your belief is the size of a mustard seed you could do mighty things.


Some people think belief brings you down. But in actual fact belief helps you rise up. It helps us to dream things. It helps us to rise to great heights.


If your faith was just the size of a mustard seed you could do great things, impossible things, mighty things. 


In the past belief has made people climb mountains, cross seas, go to the remotest places to speak the name of Jesus. It has allowed people to experience great hardships and deprivations to arrive as witnesses in foreign lands amongst unknown peoples and speak Jesus’ name and make him known. It has made people dedicate their whole life, it has become their way in life and without which they could not consider their life. People have built things from nothing: hospitals and schools, churches and seminaries, people have been imprisoned tortured and put to death because of faith.


Faith can help us to do great thing. It can bring out the best in us.


Faith makes us aim high rather than aim low. It makes us love rather than hate. It makes us forgive rather than be resentful or seek vengeance. It cares for others rather than ignores others. 


Faith makes us do great things. Even if it is just the size of a small seed, even if it is just the size of the broken led of your pencil, even if it is just the size of a grain of salt, or the smallest thing you can imagine, it can do great things.