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Saint Bride's RC Church, 21 Greenlees Road, Cambuslang, Glasgow G72 8JB


Welcome to the website of St. Bride’s Catholic Church in Cambuslang.

This site will provide you with a range of information about St Bride’s parish, including its history and up-to-date activities. It is hoped that it will allow people from all walks of life, and those living near and far, to have access to the parish.

  • Saint Bride's
  • Saint Bride's
  • Saint Bride's
  • Saint Bride's
  • Saint Bride's

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Recording of Mass

10am Sunday Mass 6th August 2017
Funeral Mass Podcasts

The Holy Rosary

The Holy Rosary - Glorious
to be said on Wednesday, Thursday and on Sunday
The Holy Rosary - Joyful
to be said on Monday and on Saturday
The Holy Rosary - Sorrowful
to be said on Tuesday and Friday

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**New Icons of Saint Bride's

Easter - Stations of the Resurrection

Lent - Stations of the Cross




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